SAP Concur
Quarterly Recognition Program

SAP Concur approached us with a request for a distinctive and cost-effective award for their quarterly recognition program, which would be distributed to recipients in eight different countries. In response, we designed a multi-part award system to acknowledge ongoing quarterly achievements. Each quarter, a magnetic add-on was provided, featuring a QR code on the back that, when scanned, displayed a congratulatory video celebrating the recipient's success. These add-ons not only became coveted collector's items but also added a personalized touch for each recipient.

To optimize efficiency and reduce costs, we employed a bulk-shipping approach, sending the awards to each office both domestically and internationally. The awards were then redistributed within each country, resulting in freight savings of over 50%+ of the original cost. This strategy significantly minimized fulfillment, packaging, and shipping expenses and reduced the overall carbon footprint.

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