Inaugural Security 20/20 Event

The client aimed to incorporate their kaleidoscope theme across various aspects of their event, including a memorable takeaway and personalized partner awards. The awards ceremony was envisioned as "an immersive, digital experience filled with stunning visuals and captivating soundscapes," and it was essential for both the awards and attendee giveaways to be in harmony.

Utilizing our creative services, we successfully crafted a completely bespoke award, locally produced, and complemented it with a personalized nostalgic kaleidoscope for event participants to enjoy. Through our local partnerships, we efficiently manufactured and delivered these fully customized awards, seamlessly integrating different metals, woods, and kaleidoscope elements, all within a remarkable two-week timeframe, as opposed to the standard 6+ week turnaround time.

"We needed the event experience to feel immersive and our décor, SWAG, and awards to be aligned with our kaleidoscope theme. Red Promotions went to the nth degree to ensure we had custom graphics, even inside the kaleidoscope. The trophies were a hands down hit because they didn’t look like anything people had seen before.” -Sr. PMM, Microsoft Security

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